Lifestyle Counseling

What is Lifestyle Counseling?

Lifestyle counseling is a way of identifying and addressing the impact that our activities of daily life, stress levels, emotions and life events can have on our overall health. As part of your initial intake, and throughout your “treatment”, we will chat about the importance of nutrition and healthy diet, along with such things as;

  • sleep – how to optimize sleep hygiene to ensure you are getting both the quantity and quality that you need
  • exercise – how to implement it, and what kinds of exercise might be most beneficial to you
  • time management – more on this below
  • stress reduction – how high-stress levels or ineffective coping strategies may be negatively impacting weight, energy, mood and more
  • social support – how to be vulnerable and ask the ones we love for help, how to identify toxic relationships, how to communicate effectively with the ones we love to ensure healthy relationships stay healthy
  • emotional awareness – our emotional health can simply not be underestimated in regards to the massive impact it can have on physical health and wellbeing. Journaling, talk therapy, meditation, positive self-talk and self-perception may be necessary talking points

Time management and healthy prioritizing

Making yourself a priority in your day is a skill that often needs to be taught and then practiced over and over again. Your health cannot be ignored or put on the back burner until it gets to the point of full-blown disease. Let’s make a plan now! I know what it's like to be busy. I'm not implying that it’s easy, but you have to make the time to eat healthfully and mindfully, to cook, to exercise, to get outside, to laugh and enjoy your friends and family. It’s called balance. Let me help you to form a routine that fits into your schedule while still providing you the time to implement some healthy habits.

Interested in Lifestyle Counselling or simply for looking for heath guidance?